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About Me

Josette Joseph is a production designer, art director, and visual artist with a passion for detail. She believes that "background noise", or all the details in a background, can play a critical role in storytelling. She graduated with honours from Western University with a triple major in Media, Fine Arts, and Art History. At Western, she completed a thesis on set design in the context of the fine arts, where she explored the use of set design and inspiration from the Baroque fine art era to tell a story. She is currently back in school at Sheridan College to expand her range of skills and gain proficiency in special effects makeup, prosthetics, and props. Josette has designed for a wide range of companies, such as Sephora, OLG Slots, and Team Canada Basketball. In narrative work, Josette has worked closely with many well-accomplished individuals such as Marvel’s Jett Klyne and The Hobbit’s Richard Armitage. Josette hopes to continue developing and growing as a young designer and visual artist.

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