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Sculpture & Installation

Barbie Josette (2020)
Barbie doll set modelled after myself complete with hand-sewn clothing, handmade miniature objects, and tattoos drawn onto doll to match my own. 

Graduating Class of Quarantine (2021)
100 tiny graduation caps made of polymer clay to celebrate those who are graduating without graduation caps due to the COVID-19 pandemic (myself included).

7:30 in Toronto, 8:40 in Hamilton (2020)
Interactive installation built in collaboration with Lauryn Kell. Exhibited as part of the "Everyone Here Has Something in Common" exhibition at The Artlab, London, Ontario. Photos by Ruth Skinner. 

Reservoir Dogs (2021)
Miniature set inspired by the film, "Reservoir Dogs" (1992)  made from polymer clay, wood, and miscellaneous objects belonging to my dogs. 

Public Installation at The John Labatt Visual Arts Center parking lot in London, Ontario. Modelled after advertisements produced by No Name Brand.

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