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Case Study: Latex Ape Mask

The goal of this project was to create a complete latex ape mask from start to finish.
I started this project by creating a concept design to guide me through the building process. The design was to be 40% ape, 40% Canadian endangered species of our choice, and 20% commentary on what's endangering the species. I chose to cross my ape with a horned grebe and decided to add algae to my design to represent eutrophication endangering the horned grebe population.
IMG_0726 (1)_edited.jpg
Next, I sculpted my ape based on this design.
I then molded this sculpt with Hydrocal, then casted that mold with latex. The latex was seamed then painted to create the final product.
I found the sculpting process too be quite challenging as I didn't have much experiencing with clay sculpting. To overcome this, I decided to play around and experiment with the clay. In the end, I made a sculpt that I was very proud of and grew immensely as a sculptor.
By the end of this project, I developed a variety of skills such as refined clay sculpting skills, molding with cement, casting with latex, latex seaming, and latex painting. If I could do this differently, I think I would spend a little more time carefully seaming the latex. Other than that, I was very satisfied and very proud of this project!
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